Updated December 2022.  Since my 1st flight conducted on 2 Sep 06, I've managed to fly 1025+ hours to include multiple trips to the KR Gatherings and Oshkosh.

Our Airport at Lee’s Summit MO was the host of the 2017 and 2021 KR Gatherings.

My longest trip to date was traveling to Chino California to the 2014
KR Gathering. A video of the trip is as follows;

2014 KR Gathering Chino CA Video  I recommend you right click the file, save to your computer and then run it.

The KR-2S is a experimental airplane, a home built.  It is a single engine low wing design airplane.  My airplane has a
normal cruise capability of 130 mph with 140 mph maximum speed in level flight with two passengers. I purchased the
plans for the KR2-S from Rand Robinson in 1997. I studied the plans for a year before I began construction in June 1998.  
My plan was to finalize all design decisions before I began building the airplane. I pretty much stuck to the plans with only
a few modifications.  I widened the fuselage 1.5" and installed the trigear since I have little tail-dragger experience.  I  am
using the standard RAF 48 airfoil. Engine is a aero converted VW engine, a Revmaster 2100.  The airplane was scratch
built as much as I thought was practical to save on costs, but at an increase in building time.  It took 1500 hours and 8
years to complete the project. Total cost was less than $15,000.

Rob Schmitt
Lee’s Summit, MO  

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Rob Schmitt

X-Plane KR2S Simulator files for N1825Z (ZIP File)