Updated April 2014. This past fall I had a few issues starting to show up on the Magneto. I was able to get it overhauled but also needed to replace the spark plug wires. I ended up using the conversion kit from http://www.g3ignition.com. I've added
a few photos to the Engine Rebuild Page on the link below.

Since my 1st flight conducted on 2 Sep 06, I've managed to fly 540+ hours to include multiple trips to the KR Gatherings
and Oshkosh.

The KR-2S is a experimental airplane, a home built.  It is a single engine low wing design airplane.  My airplane has a
normal cruise capability of 130 mph with 140 mph maximum speed in level flight with two passengers. I purchased the plans
for the KR2-S from Rand Robinson in 1997. I studied the plans for a year before I began construction in June 1998.  My
plan was to finalize all design decisions before I began building the airplane. I pretty much stuck to the plans with only a few
modifications.  I widened the fuselage 1.5" and installed the trigear since I have little tail-dragger experience.  I  am using the
standard RAF 48 airfoil. Engine is a aero converted VW engine, a Revmaster 2100.  The airplane was scratch built as much
as I thought was practical to save on costs, but at an increase in building time.  It took 1500 hours and 8 years to complete
the project. Total cost was less than $15,000.

Rob Schmitt
Kansas City, MO  

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Rob Schmitt