This is a picture of
the hinge on the
The elevator with the
trim tab under
construction. I started
with a nyrod controlled
tab, but replaced it with
a  RC servo
installation.  RC servo
was removed in 2006
after the DAR said it
would be unsafe and I
now have just a ground
adjustable trim tab.  
The trim tab is installed
and the horizontal
stabilizer and elevator
are fitted together for
The vertical stabilizer is being
fiberglassed. The black wire coming
out of the bottom is the coax for the
communications antenna. The coax is
routed to the instrument panel and
hooks up to my hand held comm radio.
The control cables are routed
to the elevator bell crank. I
used a nylon tube to route the
cable through the vertical spar.
This is the dual pulleys
behind the aft spar for
the elevator control
This is the center control
stick. I used a rectangular
2" x 1" piece of aluminum
for the control column
capturing the 3/4" dia stick.
There are flange bearings
and castle nuts at the
through points to the stick.
The is the tail surface
with rudder installed. I
also put a tail light in the
Rudder pedals, top mounted.
I used cable sheathing in the
cockpit area to reduce
interference  problems.
is a spring attached up front
connected to the firewall to
help keep rudders neutral and
remove the slack.
Left stub wing with landing
gear and controls installed.  
The pulley location is
extended 4" back from the
main spar for clearance
around the landing gear.  I
floxed a nylon cable guide
through the fuselage for the
cable routing.
Rear view of stub wing and
Inside of cockpit.  I am using
the Great Plains hydraulic
brakes with the master
cylinders mounted on the
floor for heel brakes.  I am
going with just a plain white
Inside of cockpit, side view
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