Seat Construction

This is the start of the construction of my seat bottom.  I used 1/2" Styrofoam with 2 layers of 8 oz fiberglass on each side.  On the edges of the seat I used a dremel to cut out the foam and floxed the edges all
around.  I have also added two I beams 1/2" foam and fiberglass to the bottom of the seat running
front to back.

Update 2006, The seat bottom started to delaminate after about 30 hours of flight testing.  For a quick fix I replaced it with a aluminum sheet metal pan across the two spars. After 10 years, the sheet metal pan is still in place. Hindsight This was a good fiberglass project to practice on in preparation for doing the wings, but the aluminum pan is much easier to do and works great.

The seat is supported on the main and aft spars by 5/8"spruce blocks. The seat back is also 1/2" Styrofoam with 1 layer of fiberglass each side. The seat back is attached to the rear spar with a piano
hinge so it will fold forward. I added a forward lip at the main spar to give the seat a better appearance. The lip is two layers of fiberglass. Then I painted the seat white.