Wing Spar under construction. I switched to using T-88 glue for the spars. Supposedly T-88 is the best glue on the market. I had been using West System up to this point for the fuselage. In retrospect, I'm
sure the West was just as good.

Plywood stapled to the center main spar.

Another picture of the dihedral being set.  The C shaped block is the spar alignment-drilling tool from
the Rand Robinson plans, only I used wood with a 4130 steel  tube through it.

Dihedral being set on the rear wing spars.  The accuracy turned out good. When I later set the outer spars to the mains during wing construction, the  angles of incidence and washout were correct.

I made my wing attach fittings (WAFS) using 4130 sheet steel from Airparts in Kansas City, Kansas.  I had access to tools from a company I was doing engineering consulting for at the time I built these.  Otherwise I would not recommend doing these yourself; just the cost in getting the right tools will be expensive. They are painted with zinc chromate primer for corrosion resistance. I also used an AutoCad template for accuracy.

Wing Spar Construction