VW Engine rebuild.
In the summer of 2012 I noticed a excessive amount of oil on the belly of the airplane, so I checked for the
usual suspects. This time I was in for a surprise - a case crack at the number 4 cylinder going toward the oil
pressure sensor.  The crack originates from the case stud. This engine has been around since the 1980s,
originally in a Quickie I was told. I decided to rebuild the engine and bought a new case from Revmaster.  
This is what the old case looked like opened up. Except for the case crack, the
internals looked good so I pretty much just swapped everything out. I did purchase a
new cam gear based on the recommendation of Joe at Revmaster.
New Case with old crank and new cam installed.
New Magneto Wiring Harness.

In the Fall of 2014 I started to have some issues with the magneto. The magneto is an old
Bendix Dual unit, but luckily I was able to find a shop in Tulsa OK who could do a IRAN
(Inspect and Repair as needed) on it. But the shop also told be all my old spark plug wires
were unserviceable and needed to be replaced. However they could not match up the VW
Revmaster in any of their manuals for a harness replacement. I decided to do the rewiring
myself and convert the wires to work with Automotive Spark Plugs instead of the extremely
expensive aircraft ones. I used the conversion parts and supplies from G3 Ignition. Their web
site is http://www.g3ignition.com.  I've got about
100+ hours on the system now and so far it
works great.